Hello! My name is Annie Kitchell. I recently earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. My strengths in design are branding, advertising, and graphic design. I am tenacious, organized, detailed-oriented, and take great pride in creating the best possible solution for a client in a timely manner.I want to not only create good design but pieces of art that can impact people. I believe design is most effective when we can create with the desire to make something that is bigger than ourselves and lasts even longer. Along with design work, I am a huge fan of antique shops, crafting, and a good movie night.
Throughout my college experience, I have been able to balance work and school while still remaining on the Dean’s List every semester. This shows that I have great time management, and the ability to work on multiple projects. My ability to remain motivated, be a self-starter, use my people skills and enjoy the nitty-gritty detail work of design are some of the qualities I hope to bring to my chosen career.
I am currently exploring a variety of design positions in the Greater Philadelphia area.
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